Landscape Design Approach by Brendan Sanchez

At Access Architecture, we believe in outcome-based design. That is, before you put pen to paper, what is it that the architecture hopes to achieve? And what empirical evidence is there to support the methods by which to achieve it? In this sense, our design process involves reverse-engineering. Since our mission is focused on fostering meaningful connections, here is an example. We are working closely with Ecotone Environmental on The Elwood to craft a variety of outdoor spaces. Some more private and sheltered, others more expansive for larger activities. This approach is based in cognitive neuroscience:

"The greater a city dweller's access to greenery, light, and open spaces, the better she will solve problems and understand and take in new information... All this translates into improved psychological well-being and better interpersonal relations. And there's more. Residents lucky enough to live in a housing development surrounded by vegetation - trees, grass, flowers - enjoy and maintain stronger social ties with their neighbors; they enjoy a sense of community more robust than the residents in similar buildings lacking in these natural features." - Welcome to your World, by Sarah Williams Goldhagen.

Progress rendering of the landscape design at The Elwood

Progress rendering of the landscape design at The Elwood

Meals on Wheels Tuesdays by Brendan Sanchez

People matter more than architecture, but the two are interdependent. After all, some of the most revered architecture was crafted with the human experience in mind. Architecture is merely a vessel, and a means. There is a multitude of ways in which we can highlight the human condition and facilitate meaningful connections.

Tuesday mornings are Meals on Wheels delivery days for Brendan. Meals are brought to seniors for whom these deliveries are often their only source of real human interaction during the day. Volunteering in this way is a win-win. Friendships have been forged, and the knowledge gained from listening to our senior citizens is priceless.

We all have busy lives. But if you make the time to give back, you’ll find that what you receive in return is worth far more than the time given.

Meals on Wheels